Hello, and welcome to Kirlian Research and Development. "Kirlian" research has a modern yet colorful vibe, giving an air of confidence and professionalism to any product line.

Utilizing our new patent pending Kirlian research techniques, easily compare the energy in your products, showing "before" and "after" energization states.

Recent Kirlian research showing repeatability, and mappings of Bio-Energies connected with certain diseases.

Proof that Kirlian biometric signatures do not change, unless significant healing has taken place has been established in the Coors Research Project.

Kirlian "seal-of-approval" for energized products, with batch results viewable by lot number via the web portal.

Who Are We?

Kirlian energy research transforms invisible energies or 'auras' into beautiful living artwork. We know the electrical nature of our body, other items have this same energy now made visible. Research shows this energy is strongest before cooking and is reduced or eliminated through the heating process.

Eating raw foods where possible keeps the vital nutrients and energies for more complete transfer to us. "Twice-a-year" we eat raw broccoli with dip, but the rest of the year we boil/steam the ... "energy" out! The energy is best for us when consumed raw, you can get the "feeling" when you see the Kirlian research for yourself!

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